Home Cooking: Black berries on chocolate pancakes


Disclaimer: This was my first time to make chocolate pancakes so this recipe needs a lot of editing.

Why chocolate? Well, our commissary had some of their ingredients for sale, one of them being the Valhrona chocolate we import from Italy to use in some of the stores’ special blend teas and desserts.  We’re talking about 3 kilograms of 100% cocoa from Italy–the size of a ream of bond paper– at a very low price! I just had to get one even if the last thing I’d want to do on Earth is bake; even if professional chefs end up spiting me for using the best chocolate in the world to make…..pancakes. Hah!


I melted 3 blocks of Valhrona with 3T sugar and 3t cinnamon powder. Then added it to my pancake mix. As simple as that. What turned out of it was not my usual fluffy pancakes (which I’m proud of), but more of a dense and rich chocolate pancake. While cooking the test batch, I thought they’d turn into brownies. Thanks to the pancake batter, it managed to stay somewhat airy.

I melted some more of the Valhrona to pour on the pancakes as a syrup, and topped the whole dish with black berries.


If you’re going to try this at home, it’s okay to use any chocolate–at least you wouldn’t have to adjust its taste to something more acceptable for the family. I also suggest you use strawberries and bananas instead of the blackberry (unless you’re really into the fruit).

I had fun preparing this Sunday’s breakfast but it didn’t turn into a best-seller for the family, myself included. I suppose I’d just have to look for other ways to use the rest of the Valhrona–without resorting to baking. If you have ideas, share them with me!

Have a good Sunday!

Midnight thoughts.

11:27 PM.

Still awake at 11:27 PM on a Sunday night. I am committing what a lot of working people would consider sacrilege. People like me should be dead asleep not later than 10 PM on Sunday nights. 

Tomorrow, I will be doing what has slowly been turning into a major monday routine for me: The Weekly Trading Report. This report basically summarizes everything management needs to know about the dine-in and retail performance of our five stores. My life as of late has been about excel sheets and numbers that say so much about the business we’re in.

I knew from the very start, upon considering taking this job, that I would be taking a 180-degree turn in my career path. I was going to turn my back to two whole years of being a creative so I can read, eat, and breathe numbers. There would be no rewind button to it. My friends thought I might’ve gone mad.

Do I miss being a creative? Yes, I do. The work had a unique and addictive energy to it. But you know what? The shift felt so natural. I am convinced that I am where I’m supposed to be, dealing with the one aspect of life I continue to fall in love with: Food.

12:09 AM.


I invite you to take my place.

The past months were my most exciting months in Summit Media.

That’s actually really more of an understatement.

In my past six months as a producer for fashion and lifestyle magazines, I have learned so much more than I had originally expected to take home with me. I learned that there is no one person aliking another; with human personalities, backgrounds, and motivations so distinct that it’s impossible to deal with any two of the exact same profile (at any given time). I gained a broader perspective on bridging diverse personalities for the purpose of materializing their talents into one breath-taking output (in our case, glossy advertorials). I felt what it’s like to be addicted to the sense of fulfillment when people stop at the page the team had worked on and hear them say, “that’s really beautiful.”

But, as with any unique individual, I come from a different background and I am motivated strongly by other compelling goals. So here I am, counting my days with mixed emotions, conditioning myself to miss the kind of fulfillment and addiction that come from bringing exceptional personalities together in projects. Then again, had my heart been irrevocably where I stood the past six months, I would have stayed longer than decided.

So dear reader, this is me inviting you to consider taking my place. You will learn a lot and you will meet beautiful people both in and out of the office, you will learn the value of sincerity in truly caring for the people you work with, and who knows? You may even learn to love being where I will be coming from.

What’s to lose, anyway? Believe me, it’s worth a shot. ;)

E-mail me your resumes at francesca.montes@summitmedia.com.ph or aix.montes@gmail.com.