On Digital Apps and Long Distance Relationships

When I told you Kurt and I found new jobs, it wasn’t exactly the most conventional news I had ever shared here in this blog. It meant the two of us going out of our comfort zones to grab new opportunities. I transferred from Pioneer to the very busy streets of Makati (something I swore never to do but did anyway). While Kurt moved from Manila to Zamboanga City. Yes, Zamboanga.

In a matter of a one-and-a-half hour flight, Kurt and I found ourselves in what I thought we’d never have to be in: a long distance relationship.

Of course it’s far from LDRs between seas, and we don’t have to deal with excruciating time zone differences. But it still is different compared to being able to see each other weekly (or even more). It’s different facing daily challenges on our own, only to relay the stories to each other through an online messaging app, and not in person. Emotions are shared via emojis and dates are replaced by scheduled Facetime sessions.

I wish I could tell you it’s easier than how I pictured from the LDR stories I heard from others. Now I can confirm for myself that it’s far from easy and there are over a hundred times in each day I’d end up wishing he was just around the corner. To add to that, there is this sinking feeling from knowing no one understands how I truly feel about all this. If I talk about it too much, people treat me like an alien who just fell from a UFO for having all these “strong” feelings.

I’m glad though that Kurt and I are sailing through despite the difficulties; that both of us found this challenge a reason for us to keep on going. And although we are facing most days (if not all) on our own, at least we have these digital apps to somehow bridge the gaps. They may never match what we had when we were on the same island, but at least we can share stories fast and hear each other’s voices on an almost daily basis! (Fyi, this is not an advertisement lol)

That’s a recent picture of us from my first ever visit to Zamboanga. We had a great time with his officemates and I got a first-hand experience of how most of his days there are like. I’m happy I was able to go there as it meant a great deal to him that I go there and get to know his life there. 😊

We have a couple of months more to go. To the end of the year or more, if his work gets extended. I hope everything turns out for the good. Omnnia in Bonum!

Home Cooking: Black berries on chocolate pancakes


Disclaimer: This was my first time to make chocolate pancakes so this recipe needs a lot of editing.

Why chocolate? Well, our commissary had some of their ingredients for sale, one of them being the Valhrona chocolate we import from Italy to use in some of the stores’ special blend teas and desserts.  We’re talking about 3 kilograms of 100% cocoa from Italy–the size of a ream of bond paper– at a very low price! I just had to get one even if the last thing I’d want to do on Earth is bake; even if professional chefs end up spiting me for using the best chocolate in the world to make…..pancakes. Hah!


I melted 3 blocks of Valhrona with 3T sugar and 3t cinnamon powder. Then added it to my pancake mix. As simple as that. What turned out of it was not my usual fluffy pancakes (which I’m proud of), but more of a dense and rich chocolate pancake. While cooking the test batch, I thought they’d turn into brownies. Thanks to the pancake batter, it managed to stay somewhat airy.

I melted some more of the Valhrona to pour on the pancakes as a syrup, and topped the whole dish with black berries.


If you’re going to try this at home, it’s okay to use any chocolate–at least you wouldn’t have to adjust its taste to something more acceptable for the family. I also suggest you use strawberries and bananas instead of the blackberry (unless you’re really into the fruit).

I had fun preparing this Sunday’s breakfast but it didn’t turn into a best-seller for the family, myself included. I suppose I’d just have to look for other ways to use the rest of the Valhrona–without resorting to baking. If you have ideas, share them with me!

Have a good Sunday!