Get in touch.

IMG_1033Hey there!

If you want to just talk, or complain to me about anything I put in here (I hope not!), please don’t hesitate to get in touch by filling out the spaces below!

18 thoughts on “Get in touch.

  1. Hey, love your writings…but they’re always so sad! But I agree with what you said about how one thing’s for certain “I know nothing”…We’re all in this life to learn, because if we were born and knew absolutely everything what awesome learning experiences would we look forward to?

    Anyways, I just wanted to let you know that I nominated you for this award…
    Maybe we can learn some things together? :)

      1. Hi! Just stumbled upon it while looking for good reads :) Thanks for dropping by! Love your list of read books!

  2. Hey Aix! I’m so glad I came across an interesting blog like yours! Its unique in its own way! I’ll be following your blog for more of this kinda stuff, hoping the same from you! :-)


  3. You had a blog posting on Feb 27/12 that you liked Vektor Music/Skeye – do you still like the group? I was thinking about interviewing them for my blog and wonder if you like to a joint interview?

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