Look Back: June.

I only have two words to accurately describe how my June went: rain and good byes. The Philippines entered the gloomy climate once again, as expected of this time of the year. And it followed in the most inconvenient manner that heavy traffic going to work and going back home were to be part of… More Look Back: June.

Meditation on meds.

Our bodies are like ticking time bombs. At least that’s what I began pondering on when I found myself in the hospital for a couple of times last week. The number of medicines I need to take (and the manner in which I should take them) amounted to something close to an algorithm. See below:… More Meditation on meds.

Heart on the cross!

[Image via] A few minutes ago, before I said good night to my siblings and began pounding my fingertips on the keyboard, I nonchalantly exclaimed (as if it had to be heard), “I need to write about my Holy week reflection! Otherwise, Holy week won’t happen!” A complete exaggeration. Now here I am, a little… More Heart on the cross!

Word to the wise: Don’t criticize what you don’t fully understand.

I’m a Roman Catholic. Not the nominal kind. My siblings and I have been active in the parish, and a good number of my relatives are members of Opus Dei. Neither of those two make any of us instant saints, admittedly (that’s for another entry). And in what we do and in what we believe,… More Word to the wise: Don’t criticize what you don’t fully understand.

When I go losing.

This is isn’t exactly how I pictured my October to turn out. But I guess we lose what’s important to us, to teach us how to take better care of what remains with us. This will be the 3rd day our puppy has gone missing, and I woke up today missing the sound of his… More When I go losing.