My Christmas people!

Needless to say (but I’m saying it anyway), Christmas will not be Christmas without dear friends and the most cherishing tradition of love and family.

I hope you had a swell Christmas! :)

Look Back: June.

I only have two words to accurately describe how my June went: rain and good byes.

The Philippines entered the gloomy climate once again, as expected of this time of the year. And it followed in the most inconvenient manner that heavy traffic going to work and going back home were to be part of the norm–again. I love rain when I can ceremoniously appreciate it from the dry side of a window. I abhor heavy traffic. The mix of both in one ride to or from work has been very confusing. Hah!

My eldest sister and 4-year-old nephew, Ozzy, left for Malaysia. Real family drama is what I’d call it. I spent almost the whole day of their scheduled flight fighting back tears and trying not to break down in my office workstation. It will be a while before we can have a complete family picture again. But they’re happy (according to my sister’s latest report) and that matters way more than a picture.

We also had to say good bye to a very close friend from the office. It’s sad in the sense that our clique (yes, it’s a clique) has been seeing one resignation after another. But try as I might to feel sad about the leaving, I’m starting to see it as a fact of life. Change and whatever it may require of anyone simply happens, and it’s always for the good.

The last bit that literally closed my June was me saying good bye to my position as a copy writer. Just in time for July, I said hello to me being our department’s first ever Junior Producer! Crazy, I know. But I’m liking it so far. Will update you soon. *wink*

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A bit of summer in Bantayan island.

The girls and I conquered Bantayan island last weekend. To say that I was not properly psyched for this trip would be a complete 100% understatement; that I was to spend three days in a remote island with my girls — miles away from Manila and my workstation in the office — didn’t really sink in until I felt the sand in between my toes. Not to mention the sudden deflation of my ATM, lol.


They planned it all, lodging, bookings, etc. All I had to do was to say yes, show up for our 5:30am Saturday flight, and pay up. Since I’m not really big on leisure trips, it felt a little surreal to me that I was actually allotting time and effort for some fun. But I did, and surreal as all of it was, I can’t deny the fact that I had the time of my life with these girls!

553056_10151581199129113_2068226682_n904276_10151581239024113_181038242_oWe stayed at Anika Resort in the island. Well, place is definitely pretty. Let’s just say it will suffice if you’re particular only with a clean bed to sleep in and an air-conditioned room. Oh and if you can live without Wi-fi, deal with consistently mixed up orders, in-house food that could use more salt and pepper or sauce (or at least some form of art), and difficult masseuses. Hah!

904840_4823350384490_2099768649_oAt least we all understood that the accommodation situation wasn’t a problem to make a big deal of. The rooms still were nice and air-conditioned. Ha ha! We had our fun, in our own ways. Obviously. A day trip to Virgin Island, delectable seafood meals by locals,  a day trip around Cebu, and chilling out like I’ve never had in a looong time, I have to say the trip actually went beyond expectations. :)

922499_10151581058659113_1826596786_o914000_4823418346189_605200641_o904081_10151581060689113_467736702_oI have to thank my girls one of these days. :)