I feel you near.

Jude: You know you’re my girl, right? “I held the stars to light where you are When your unfeigned heart called to me through the dark Soaked in the sound that rose from the ground There I could feel I felt, I felt you near Oh I’d wait for the seas to part to be… More I feel you near.

Weekend bliss.

Weekend highlights: Skype with friends from UK, Brunei, and Singapore. International Gossip? Lol. Kayjal couldn’t believe we’d still be able to do such a thing since the 2008 congress. Well technically it wasn’t gossiping when the information came straight from the source, in consequence making the topic of conversation 100% factual. Definitely conclusive. Ha ha.… More Weekend bliss.

C’est L’amour

You tell me you’re coming back. But you don’t want me to wait because, according to you, I deserve to be happy; that, finding someone else is the ultimate joy for anyone, me included. To be honest with you, I’ve already outgrown that kind of search. The search, as I had experienced it, can and… More C’est L’amour

Wrapping up 2011

This is my last diary entry for the year 2011. Needless to say, I am very happy about this entry that I just had to put it here. Before you go any further into this post, note that I used aliases for the people I had mentioned here.Β  Two days.. including this one before the… More Wrapping up 2011