A snippet on love’s perfection.

Tom Robbins is right.


Perfection is subjective, oftentimes a cause of useless argument between two people. Perfection is one of the words with the most freedom and flexibility towards a person’s beliefs and preferences. Perfection is what we make it, perfection is how we make it. Love can be perfect. And it is between two people — who have the same understanding of this — where love’s perfection is recognized and embraced amidst adversities.

You have my attention.

Glad I stumbled upon this song today. It cannot be any more perfect to express what it is I’ve been feeling the past couple of months (YES, months lol).

“I’ll sing along the whole day through.

Just do your best to hear me. It’s all you can do.

You have my attention,

like you’ve had all the while,

since that first day when you made my heart smile,

with loving eyes and tired sighs that follow.”

[ C O P E L A N D ]