Look Back: June.

I only have two words to accurately describe how my June went: rain and good byes. The Philippines entered the gloomy climate once again, as expected of this time of the year. And it followed in the most inconvenient manner that heavy traffic going to work and going back home were to be part of… More Look Back: June.


I have resigned myself to the fact that there is no one perfect job. But every single imperfect job isn’t exempted from great highlights that motivate you and give you your winning days. Mine are the books my teammates and I create ads for, most especially when I find enough time to read them from… More Books.

Heart on the cross!

[Image via] A few minutes ago, before I said good night to my siblings and began pounding my fingertips on the keyboard, I nonchalantly exclaimed (as if it had to be heard), “I need to write about my Holy week reflection! Otherwise, Holy week won’t happen!” A complete exaggeration. Now here I am, a little… More Heart on the cross!

Look back: March!

I’m posting this early, since I’m considering the Paschal Triduum as a month in itself lol (three intense days of worship can do that I suppose)! This March was all about 1 Rides to work with dad on certified Pinoy streets. 2 Puppies, puppies, and more puppies! 3 Kitchen experiments — that actually worked! 4… More Look back: March!

Breakfast for six.

Call me the breakfast enthusiast. Since everyone is home today (Sunday), I decided to whip up easy-to-make breakfast (everything HAS to be easy-to-do/easy-to-make for me, kitchen wise). Plus, I was already getting sick of my insta french toasts. Only realized it yesterday, when I was already topping it with the randomnest ingredients such as bits… More Breakfast for six.