Home Cooking: One Very Special Sunday.

I love everything about Sunday. It’s the one day of the week when the whole family is home to relax and catch up with each other’s lives. For me, it makes the occasion extra special when I get to cook for them.

So lately, my parents and I are developing a new routine: Saturday afternoons, they fetch me from the city and together, we pick up some groceries for sunday meals.

This Sunday was even more special, because every meal prepared in our kitchen–and I mean every meal–turned out really good!

To further Illustrate my point, let me share with you some of them!


Vanilla Strawberry Pancakes for Breakfast.





Pineapple and lettuce salad, Herb Fries with gravy, Gambas, and Baked Salmon in garlic and lemon for lunch!

Being with the family and enjoying these meals were worth all the hours put in the kitchen, most especially with the help of my sister Julie (it’s been a while since we last cooked together). :D

Hope you are having a special Sunday, too!

My new year’s wish for you and I.

During our new year’s noche buena with my dad’s side of the family, my cousins and I talked about each other’s resolutions. I must say it was a one-sided conversation as I have yet to list down mine. But one-sided as it was, I was actually inspired to get mine started, asap.

Which brings me to this morning: still in my pjs in bed, with left-over fire crackers booming from the other side of the valley (quite literally as we live in a mountain), I shuffled in my mind the new things I could do for the year. I have a list, with “pigging out less” at the top of it. I’m actually not sure on how to go about that, but it’s staying up there. And while I was deciding on which to prioritize between “be more organized” and “joke less”, a word so important to me came into mind.


To make it easy for you, here’s a definition by Google:

It’s my most favorite word in the world. The moment I learned of it as the fitting title to Hans Zimmer’s musical piece (check: The Holiday OST), I became attached to it like a madwoman. I kept it in the recesses of my mind; a word spoken rarely or spoken in a hushed tone only insects could hear.

Now I’m sharing it with you because this is my number one new year’s wish for you and I.

This is so we get to accomplish all our resolutions with enough gusto to last the whole year (or whatever timeframe we give ourselves). So we can begin chasing our heart’s desires and turn mere abstractions into–bit by every bit–realities. Really, it doesn’t matter what we decide for ourselves this year. What matters is if we have the gumption to get them done.

I have made so many resolutions in my life that are now filed under ‘backlogs’ and here I am, most definitely not getting any younger (Hello there, 25, sitting 10 months away from where I am). Had I been less scared or had I made no reservations whatsoever, I would have at least made it half-way through them by now.

To fearlessly run for my life, to constantly feel the excitement of steering my own ship, these are what I need to get me through the new year splendidly. I wish the same for you. :)

Remember, gumption’s the word.

Happy new year!

Home cooking: Fresh pasta


Holidays! Talk about vein-bursting and cholesterol-soaring spreads of dishes! On Christmas day alone, I had FIVE servings of roast pig (Lechon, y’know it!) and upon going back to the office on the 26th, I felt SUPER unhealthy. Eating vegetables–other than french fries–isn’t exactly my cup of tea. Yet I found myself in need of some greens, to the point that the small patch of grass outside our building looked compelling, hah!

Since I have been in charge of the household kitchen, I decided to try out a recipe from a family friend that gave us thebclean break we needed from all the Christmas fat and purines. Ingredients here:

It was my first time to cook pasta with lemon juice as the sauce. It was refreshing, combined with the fresh basil and tomatoes. My personal addition were the butter-garlic shrimp to make the dish more interesting.

Mm. I think I’m now ready for round 2 on new year’s. Ha ha!