EATS: Nihonbashi Tei Every Day

I have frequented this place so much that it now deserves a post here! My former boss was the one who first mentioned this place to me. Authentic and affordable were the two main words she used to describe it. Now that the first quarter of 2016 is over, I have visited this restaurant over 6 times already–and maybe I am on my way to the 7th, having talked about it with Boy Next Door just last weekend!

I wasn’t able to jot down the prices for the dishes I had been able to try so far. But the prices of each dish range from Php 160 to Php 500.

See below for the proofs!

Chicken Teriyaki
Must Try! Spicy Salmon Sashimi.
Must Try! Spicy Tuna Sashimi.
Toro Spicy Maki.
Must Try! Nihonbasi Tei’s Takoyaki.
Must Try! Beef Sukiyaki.


EATS: Minced in Antipolo

Living in the mountains of Antipolo serves like a two-edged sword. We have to deal with the daily traffic to and from our offices on week days and on weekends, we have to go through the same traffic just to go out to movie houses and eat at restaurants.

Thankfully, the crawling urbanisation finally reached our area! It is slow I must say, since I’m already 25 years old and it was only last year that we had an actual shopping mall with a decent movie house open 5 mins away from our village. Movie house – check! The best part about all this is that casual dining and home grown restaurants are now popping up like mushrooms in the area. Restaurants – check!

One of my favourite home-grown restaurants is MINCED. It’s a casual dining restaurant serving Filipino food. So far, in the times I’d eaten there, the dishes that I have tried are more wins than actual bleh’s. 

See below for proofs!

Must Try! Ensaladang Manga – pickled juice and mangoes topped with spicy nuts and onions at Php 250 per serving
Sinuglaw – Grilled pork belly and sashimi grade tuna with cucumber and cherry tomatoes at Php 250 per serving. | This dish has so much room for improvement.
Chicharon Rice at Php 170 per serving.
Must Try! Octopus Sisig – Sauteed octopus in chilli coconut cream sauce topped with quail eggs at Php 215 per serving.
Must Try! Humba Bagnet Style – Tender pork humba deep fried until Crispy. Served with humba sauce, black beans, fried bananas and chopped peanuts at Php 360 per serving.

LOCATION: 2nd Floor, L. Sumulong Memorial Circle, Antipolo, 1870 Rizal

Contact Number: (02) 696 0148 | Operating Hours: 7 AM to 11 PM 

If you live in Antipolo, make sure to not pass on this restaurant. If you are planning a visit soon (maybe visit Pinto Gallery?), try to add this to your itinerary. :)

EATS: Breakfast at Antionio’s Revisited

The best part about weekend leisure trips to Tagaytay? Breakfasts! Most especially when we get to stop by Breakfast at Antonio’s for a slow brunch. We were so happy during our visit last weekend because the place is finally air-conditioned (old news for others, oh so brand new for me!).

See below for proofs:

Feta Cheese and Sautéed Spinach Omelette – Spinach, Garlic, Tomato, Onions, and Feta Cheese for Php 400 per serving.
Beef Tapa – Marinated Beef Sirloin prepared Filipino style with choice of peppery hash brown as a side for Php 510 per serving.
Must Try! Bacon, Mushroom and Cheese Omelette – strips of homemade bacon and sautéed mushrooms for Php 425 per serving.
Must Try! Apple, Mango and Spinach healthy juice under their Fresh Fruit Selection at Php 215 per serving.

super enjoyed the healthy drink. It was the perfect refreshment in this summer heat!




EATS: Kettle Revisited

The first time I visited Kettle (in Shangri-La Plaza Mall along EDSA), we ordered the two dishes that made the restaurant popular: Buttermilk Fried Chicken with Corn Bread and Pork and Potatop Strips appetizer. At first, I found the experience underwhelming. But when I got to visit again and decided to explore the menu with Boy Next Door, Kettle is unfolding into a totally different, must-revisit dining experience!

Butter Milk Fried Chicken with Honey Glazed Corn Bread and Gravy at Php 559 per serving.

The exploring began when we ordered their Australian Lamb Adobo (Php 499) and the dish surprised me. It’s one of the dishes I haven’t forgotten from last year’s EATS and it got me curious about the rest of their menu.

See below for dishes we got to try recently:

Must Try! US Angus Short Ribs braised in Cervesa Negra and Chipotle BBQ Sauce, Garlic Mashed Potato and Coleslaw at Php 539 per serving.


Must Try! Mac and Four Cheese (Cheddar, Fontina, Gruyere, Parmesan with Bacon!) at Php 289 per serving.
Must Try! Truffle Gorgonzola: Spaghetti, Truffle Cream, Fried Basil and Parmesan for Php 299 per serving.

What do you think of Kettle? Let me know!

DIY: Bouquet of Paper Roses

As one of our exercises for an event styling class, we were asked to make a bouquet made of non-living things. In short, we had to use any other material except for real and freshly cut flowers. Since I am a self-proclaimed book hoarder, I decided to use one of my old books as my main material for the bouquet.

NOTE: Yes. I cut up a book. Please don’t judge. Hah!

I basically followed for the step by step instructions in making my very own paper flower bouquet. It was, to say the least, the most tedious project I’ve had to do on my own since I graduated from High School! It took me 6 hours to finish just one bouquet made of six big paper roses, and a semi-toasted hand because of the glue gun.

See below for the photos! :)


My materials: an old book, pair of scissors, thin steel wire and masking tape to secure the whole flower once done.
The petals had to be cut one by one. 5 different sizes (4 petals for each size) to make one paper rose!
The first ever paper rose I got to complete!


The final output!

Now that I am sharing this experience here, I can’t help but ask myself if I were willing to do it again. I suppose I would, but this time to try the method of, which ultimately skipped the step of cutting the petals per piece!

EATS: Rural Kitchen of Liliw Laguna

The best part of dating boy next door is is that we share the same interest and love for good food. In fact, he is the more diligent one in terms of looking up must-try restaurants and shares to me the links of these restaurants he wants to try out. One of such restaurants is the Rural Kitchen of Liliw Laguna by Chef Justin Sarabia.

Hole in the wall? Definitely. We never would have guessed the restaurant would be right beside the 7 Eleven in a building called HRC Center along Rada St. Entering the restaurant felt like being transported into a quaint and modern Filipino house, adorned traditional art pieces and furniture.

The dining experience? One of a kind. See below for proofs!

Complimentary Bonete bread all the way from Liliw Laguna! Comes with three dips/spreads, the unforgettable one being their inalamangang santol (farthest to the left).
Must Try! Crispy Squid at Php 285 per plate.
IMG_4478 (1)
Pork Adobo at Php 340 per plate.
Must Try! Beef Mechado at Php 480 per plate.

If we were to visit again (which we agreed we would), I would like to give their Pork Binagoongan a try!


OPEN CLOSET: 3 Dresses for Sale

Dear girl friends,

I am a fan of dressing well–if not fabulously. We owe it to ourselves to wear clothes that would do nothing more than to emphasise the best versions of ourselves. It does come with a price, I know. But to me, it’s a small price to pay  for something that will represent who we are. :)

Let me start by saying that I am no fashion guru. In fact, my closet is a full-on Basic B closet. But like any other girl (who’s with me!!), I have a tendency to hoard. So much so that I have pieces in my closet that I haven’t touched since I first held them in the shops I bought them from.

Below are three dresses from my personal closet, for sale. The details of each dress can be found in the caption attached to the photo.

Brand: Mango | Size: USA 2 | Condition: Never been used | Original Price: Php 1,290 | Selling Price: Php 800 – Negotiable!
Brand: Ever New | Size: USA 2 | Condition: Never been used | Original Price: Php 3,590 | Selling Price: Php 2,000 – Negotiable!
Brand: Forever21 | Size: USA Small | Condition: Used 8 times since 2014 | Original Price: Php 1,090 | Selling Price: Php 450 – Negotiable!

Found any of the pieces above interesting? Let’s talk!




Hope to hear from you soon!

Finally: Les Miserables in Manila

My siblings and I grew up singing along and listening to our eldest sister Ate April’s old Les Miserables casette tape. She had everything: Hugo’s unabridged version of the book, a VHS of the broadway’s 25th anniversary concert and a book of the broadway music sheets. I specifically remember my sister teaching me how to sing Cosette’s ‘Castle on a Cloud’ while she played on the piano. So when the broadway finally came to Manila, I was beyond psyched!

The set was amazing and the cast was just perfect! I literally had goose bumps every time Jean Valjean and Javert do their solos on stage. I have to admit, I was wow-ed by Rachelle Ann Go’s performance.

On a side (but very important) note, we were all nostalgic after the show, remembering how Ate April made it a point for us to love both the story and the broadway.


After watching the broadway, we had tea time at Solaire’s Oasis Garden Cafe. Php 888 for four pieces of scones, six pieces of hors d’oeuvre, and another six pieces of pastries/desserts. The set come with a pot of Oasis branded tea, and we got to try their variant Passion Green Tea, infused with passion fruit flavors. I have to hand it to them, the tea was pretty good! IMG_0370IMG_0363IMG_0364IMG_0314

Here’s to more nights we will never forget! :)