Online Itinerary

These are the sites I visit — in no particular order:

A Beautiful Mess by Elsie and Emma

THE UNWED (Tales from the 20-something single life)

The Girls’ Room by Kit, Akiko, and Cynch

J O H N M A Y E R . C O M

Sun and Glory by Annie

Know the Sphere by Jeremiah

We Are Sole Sisters by Lois and Chichi

Soft Floors by Petra Magno

Sasha and the Silver Fish by Sasha Martinez

Filipino Poets

On Windy Days  by Simon Alvarez

The Sociologist

What the wee hours bring to mind by Joyce Reyes

Ozzy Bear’s Crib by April Victoria

The Style Voyager 

Street Dressed

Le Zoe Musings by Kellie

Strawberry Fields Forever by Ivy Tiosejo

The Crafter’s Cottage by Tiffany

Pepper.Ph by Mylene Chung, Katherine Jao and Dwight Co

Camille Over The Rainbow by Camille

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