A Trooper’s Mixtape.

You know what I love most about musicians/artists? Half the time, you know they’re always on to something. More than getting the lyrics and notes right to hit millions of hearts, they bring this sense of comfort to every listener that makes one think “Oh, I’m not alone in this. There’s somebody else in this world… More A Trooper’s Mixtape.

Capacities and Fears

 “You insist on trying to walk on your own, doing your own will, guided slowly by your own judgement. And you can see for yourself that the fruit of this is fruitlessness. My child, if you don’t give up your own judgement, if you are proud, if you devote yourself to ‘your’ apostolate, you will work… More Capacities and Fears

The big 25.

Here comes the big 25. Phew! To be honest, I am trying not to freak out. For some reason, the number is such a huge jump from 24 just because it signifies a quarter of my life (sure, I’d be the type to live to a hundred). 25 just really demands a higher level of… More The big 25.