My Birthday Brunch!

The first thing that entered my mind when I woke up this morning was: 1) There was no electricity; and 2) There was most certainly no oven to use for my strata and bacon. It was 5:30 am and it seemed like typhoon Lando was not ceasing any time soon, which added much to my anxiety. Should I postpone? Would my ingredients… More My Birthday Brunch!

24 years later

There is this certain pressure on me every time I turn a year older. The kind of pressure that can perfectly be encapsulated by two questions: How have I changed? Where am I headed? To say that I have not learned anything would put my 24th year to sham; to say that I got both… More 24 years later

Look back: January.

How my month of new beginnings was marked: 1 Awesome officemates. 2 Slowly but surely easing into work-work-work! 3 Cake was shared on my parents’ 35th wedding anniversary. 4 My nephew turned 4 with a chocolate fruit loop cake. 5 Korean food with childhood friends. 6 Food trips with officemates. Ribs, anyone? 7 Reunited with… More Look back: January.